Tuesday, 22 April, 2008

Welcome to EcoAID

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Thank you for visiting EcoAID Pty Ltd! We are providers of best practice Stormwater Management Systems, including modular water harvesting storages, stormwater detention and treatment technologies. EcoAID Pty Ltd is Australian owned and operated, and our Stormwater Management System is made in Australia.

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Thursday, 07 April, 2011

GippsTAFE Combined Stormwater Detention and Harvesting

image EcoAID provides designers and specifiers with greater flexibility. The system installed at GippsTAFE in Chadstone, Victoria provides approximately 60,000 litres of stormwater retention for harvesting and re-use around the campus, plus 60,000 litres of on-site stormwater detention to attenuate flows leaving the site.

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Sunday, 27 June, 2010

100kL Rainwater Re-Use for Ivanhoe Grammar Girls’ School

imageClick through to see video footage of Private Aquifer being installed at Ivanhoe Grammar Girls’ School. The water storage created using ecoAID’s Private Aquifer system will ensure the school grounds’ appearance through peak summer demand periods will reflect the excellence of the education on offer.

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Sunday, 24 May, 2009

200m3 Detention for Helena Valley

imageInstallation footage demonstrates the advantages of developing stormwater management systems in Australia for the local construction environment.

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Monday, 04 May, 2009

Private Aquifer

A space saving water storage solution that offers a longer service life cycle than above ground, exposed poly tanks.

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Friday, 19 December, 2008

Perth Sump Conversion

imageThere were many benefits to be gained by converting an old open infiltration basin into neatly landscaped, native planted raingarden, which still caters for the stormwater runoff volume from a 1 in 100 storm event.

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Tuesday, 16 December, 2008

200,000 Litre Storage for Desalinated Borewater

image Moonee Valley City Council give mains water and associated restrictions the flick at Maribyrnong Park in favour of treated borewater, stored in an innovative, secure, underground artificial aquifer supplied by EcoAID.

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Tuesday, 28 October, 2008

Portsea Residence

imageAn early start by the installer at this Portsea residence enabled a 23,000 litre EcoAID underground aquifer to be installed in one day.

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Tuesday, 13 May, 2008


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Sunday, 11 May, 2008

Stormwater Management System (SMS)

SMS is a completely modular, structurally strong, below-ground chamber system for temporary or permanent storage and treatment of stormwater and rainwater. SMS helps implement Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principles.

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Saturday, 10 May, 2008

Vortex Flow Control Units

Flow control devices such as vortex units fitted to the outlet of a stormwater detention storage reduce the over storage volume requirement and prevent outlet blockages.

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